Pain Medicine in South America

Dr. Flores talks about his how exposure to The World Institute of Pain (WIP), as well as meeting Dr. Racz and Dr. Raj, compelled him to change his medical practice from cardiovascular anesthesia to pain management. He further explains how after taking some Pain Foundation courses, he realized the vast number of people in South America that he could help from his newly found passion of interventional pain management.


Dr. Carlos discusses his participation in the Centro de Atención Integral del Dolor Foundation (CAIDBA) in Argentina. The CAIDBA Foundation helps to provide free treatment for those who cannot afford procedures and do not have health insurance. In addition, Dr. Carlos explains how both the CAIDBA Foundation and WIP provide financial assistance for pain physicians wanting to become FIPP certified. He further discusses other ways in which CAIDBA is helping to better the education of pain physicians.

Importance of Certifications